Midwestern engineering firm with strong convictions.

We move fast, work hard and serve across a large region, but we never compromise quality and service. Our promise to the client is based on two firm principles: excellent communication and in-depth research and analysis.

Effective communication starts with making sure we have a good understanding of our client’s needs. We’re fully engaged with clients, governing authorities and contractors throughout the life of the project.

We believe strong due diligence—connecting all the project dots—is foundational to our success.

Our history


ASM Engineering Consultants, LLC began as the civil engineering division of MCCA Construction, Inc., a concrete contractor

October 2007

ASM was formed when the engineering division outpaced concrete construction

April 2009

ASM joined forces with Ameritrack Railroad Contractors out of Frankfort, Ind., to form Ameritrack West, Inc. to provide design-build services

Early 2010

Railserve, Inc. purchased all construction contracts from Ameritrack. Ameritrack West dissolved so that the construction and engineering divisions could be separated

May 2010

ASM Engineering Consultants, LLC was reformed with new services and a more diverse client base

August 2012

ASM acquired Cornerstone Engineering, LLC in Olathe, KS to add full-service structural engineering


ASM operates two offices, in Andover and Olathe, Kansas, and continues to grow and expand